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Near zero to no fees, secure and user friendly

Join the revolution and start using cryptocurrency to buy and sell anything. The first and only secure payment system for pure cryptocurrency transactions. Developer, consumer, and merchant friendly. 

Buy and Sell anything

PingPaid allows you to buy and sell anything. Create customized invoices. The easy to use and secure platform and protocol allows merchants and consumers to use cryptocurrency for everyday purposes. 

Very Easy to Use

It's simple, list your services or items for sale and accept payment in different cryptocurrencies. Opt-in to the benefits of escrow protection by using the PingPaid platform. 

Everything under one roof

PingPaid embraces the sharing economy. We have an exclusive platform for homestay and home sharing using cryptocurrency, as well as restaurants and even tangible goods.


Multi-Crypto global ecosystem

PingPaid is a global platform and protocol that enables multi-crypto secured transactions over the Blockchain. PingPaid is the first functional platform that enables widespread commercial and retail transactions over the Blockchain. 


Real World Applications

PingPaid is used to faciliate real world transactions using the benefit and technology of the Blockchain. With its unique integrated escrow systems and procedures, we enable you to use cryptocurrency at your level of comfort. 


Wide Adoption & Ease-of-Use

Join the excitement. PingPaid aims to be the most seamless platform and protocol for Blockchain transactions. Its ease of use has led to mass adoption.